The Team

Founder and Creative Director

David Drake is a stylish self-taught graphic artist and photographer with a keen eye for rebellious realistic art. His work is heavily influenced by his love of rock n roll, fashion, burlesque, and pop culture.

Widely known for weaving rock n roll and fashion into his brand, David Drake also has no problem laughing at himself. His sarcastic sense of humor and rebellious style are woven throughout his brand. But make no mistake, David takes his work very seriously. David counterbalances this particular approach to art and marketing with a genuine perspective for motivation and positivity. Today, he has gained the attention of countless art enthusiasts and entrepreneurs. His work ethic, drive and sense of creativity have been featured in various publications including TIME Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, Forbes and Entertainment Weekly.

In the coming years, he plans to continue showcasing his work and the stylish, sexy, and high-fashion vibe that it exudes to stand out even further in the industry. Since its inception, David Drake has been putting out works that appeal to a massive audience. Besides genuinely enjoying the creative process, he equally revels in seeing how his art has impacted people’s lives. The joy and excitement filling his supporters’ faces give him the confidence that fuels his passion for doing what he does best...

Inspiring others.

The Team

Director of Cinematography

Arian Rousta is a creative force of nature. Arian is a professional photographer and videographer with a sharp eye for the stylish fashion forward vibes that MUZE is all about. Aside from his unique and brilliant directorial attributes, Arian is the Brand Director of Legacy Records. His professionalism, work ethic and vision make him an integral part of MUZE.

Currently Arian divides his time between Scottsdale Arizona and Las Vegas Nevada working closely with Legacy Records and MUZE providing his unmatched innovative skills, direction and unrestrained passion for all of his creative endevours.

Arian is truly a one of a kind.

The Team

Professional Model and Femme Fatale

Shelby Dawn is a force to be reckoned with. She is a fierce professional model who owns the stage. Heads turn and jaws drop when Shelby enters the room. Shelby's energy is edgy, timeless, and blinding.

Shelby brings a rock n roll, devil may care spice to the the brand and the collection Femme Fatales. Shelby is professional, reliable, and gives every shoot her all. Her professionalism is evident when you work with her. The camera loves her, and she always delivers.

Aside from modeling, Shelby has a lust for life. She is an avid traveler and lover of fashion and photography. She owns her feminine energy and is the embodiment of a Femme Fatale.

Shelby is a star on the rise.

The Team

professional model and femme fatale

Deanna Decker is a powerhouse and head turner with a genuine heart of gold. Deanna also has no problem with standing her ground and owning her feminine energy. Her professionalism and genuine passion for her craft are felt when she walks on to set. Deanna brings a bright and warm essence to her work. This tour de force makes it effortless to work with Deanna. Just turn on the camera and watch her own the screen.

Aside from her modeling career, Deanna's ideal day conisists of keeping her mind and body healthy through hiking, yoga and strength training.

Deanna continues to be a rising star.

The Team

Professional Model and Femme Fatale

Kamy Wilburn brings the heat. Her vibe is electric and her sparkling rebellious energy is felt by all who surround her. She brings a unique charisma to every shoot she does. Her lust for life is evident in her approach to her craft. She embraces her feminine energy and fearlessness. Kamy's genuinely kind spirt and sense of humor always create the most positive fun filled shoots. Aside from professional modeling, Kamy is a skilled dancer and yoga enthusiast.

Kamy has the rare pressence of someone who makes friends with everyone and brings joy to others. Kamy lives her life without limits and brings that energy to MUZE.

Kamy's star is rising and we are thrilled to see it.

"MUZE is the best because we work with the best."

— David Drake