David Drake is a Scottsdale, Arizona based designer with a passion for living well and breaking rules.  In 2018 David embarked on a creative mission to mesh his unique art with his edgy perspectives on interior design. His design expertise has been at the forefront of various projects ranging from personal homes to boutique hotels. Since the inception of his signature brand, David Drake has been creating art and fragrance that appeals to an exclusive audience. David’s typical collectors range from musicians, entrepreneurs, and fashionistas. David’s brand MILEVA is more than art, it's more than fragrance... it’s a lifestyle. It’s an all encompassing experience of timeless luxury with an accessible edge. It’s about style, not trends. It’s about elevating your environment to create that vibe luxury and timeless elegance.



The Fine Art Of Rebellion

The complete works, stories and inspirations behind the art of David Drake.

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