David Drake, Creative Dreamer
David Drake is a stylish self-taught graphic artist with a keen eye for the absurd and the eccentric, which he effortlessly counterbalances with a genuine perspective for motivation, positivity, and a touch of sarcasm. His work is heavily influenced by his love of pop culture, rock n roll, and inspirational metaphors. Aside from the arts, David is an accomplished author, actor, and model.

Widely known for his keen eye for the absurd and the sarcastic, he effortlessly counterbalances this particular approach to art with a genuine perspective for motivation and positivity. Today, he has gained the attention of countless art enthusiasts and entrepreneurs. His work ethic, drive and sense of creativity has been featured in various publications including Fox News, Market Watch, and The Los Angeles Wire.

At the beginning of 2019, David founded his own canvas art company…

MUZE By David Drake.

People from all walks of life have gravitated towards the work of David Drake. While his creations have a strong masculine aesthetic, they appeal to both men and women alike. They have also made an impact among those whose interests lie in entrepreneurship, fashion, and pop culture.

Currently, David Drake’s Art is making waves for providing a stylish antidote to the overplayed and overdone online canvas buying experience that has become characteristic of the hustle art community. In the coming years, he plans to continue showcasing his work and the stylish, sexy, and high-fashion vibe that it exudes to stand out even further in the industry. Armed with his talent, passion, and distinctive artistry, David Drake is carving a path toward the forefront of the art and entrepreneurial scene.